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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about a new home inevitably pop up.

We hope to address the most popular ones below and in the subtabs of Move-In, Maintenance, and Move-Out.

What are Unif Managements’s hours of operation?
Our business hours are from 9am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed on most federal holidays.

What are my options for paying rent?
Rent payments are due on or before the 1st day of the month. Rent payments can be delivered to Unif Management in the following ways:

  1. Pay online and through the tenant portal. If you have an existing portal login you can access the sign-in page through the “existing tenants” tab above.
  2. Payments (check, money order, cashier’s check) can be mailed to Unif Management at our address above. Please include the property address and unit number on the check or money order so your account can be credited properly.
  3. Payments (check, money order, cashier’s check) can be dropped off at our office’s drop box 24/7. Please place your payment in an envelope. Please include the property address and unit number on the check or money order so your account can be credited properly.

Late payments are subject to a 5% late charge. Bounced check (NSF) are subject to a $50 fee. In some circumstances, both fees may apply.

Do you have insurance on my belongings if they are damaged or stolen?
It is your responsibility to carry renter’s insurance on the contents of your unit. Various policies are available to protect your belongings from water, fire and storm damage, theft, etc. We carry insurance on the building but our policy will not cover you in the case of damage from the situations listed above. Contact your insurance carrier about getting a policy.

How can I be a good neighbor?

  • Please be considerate of the noise level of your stereo, TV and video games. City quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am.
  • If you have guests, it is your responsibility to monitor the noise level and activity both inside and outside your unit. Most of your neighbors will be trying to sleep, study or have a quiet evening.
  • If you are in a building with common halls, entry ways or steps, please help keep the area clean and do not set trash outside your door. This causes odors, attracts rodents, and creates a nuisance for your neighbors.

Who do I contact about a loud neighbor?
If you have a neighbor whose noise level has gotten out of hand and wish to complain, you should first call the San Francisco Police non-emergency line to report the disturbance while in progress. That number is: (415) 553-0123.

Trash sorting and composting sounds hard. Do I really have to do it and what’s involved?
It is a lease violation when trash is not properly disposed of in the appropriate containers. Please click here to review the PDF for an explanation of trash separation.

If you are unfamiliar with trash sorting and industrial composting we recommend you view Recology’s website by clicking here.

And if you’re uncertain about composting in general, check out this blogger’s change of heart by clicking here.

My subtenant is moving out and needs a reference. Who do I contact?
Subtenants are your tenant and have no standing with Unif Management. We don’t know if they paid rent on time to you, were problematic, etc. Therefore you would be their reference. If their prospective landlord calls Unif Management, we won’t have information in our records to help them.

We can only provide references for tenants listed on the master lease.

What items are prohibited?
No BBQ’s are allowed on any balcony or patio at any time per the California fire code. Waterbeds and any other liquid-filled furniture are also prohibited. Pets maybe allowed with pet agreement and an increase in your security deposit, please contact our office to discuss adding a pet to your lease.

I have roommates. How does rent payment work?
You must work it out between yourselves as to how you get the rent payment to Unif Management. It is not Unif Management’s responsibility to intercede if one of you pays and the other doesn’t. This will simply be considered non-payment of rent, and both your names will appear on the three-day notice and any possible eviction. The security deposit only is refunded when the entire unit is vacant, and no partial refund is given when one roommate moves out.