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Move-In FAQs

Here are some common questions about moving in.

Who is responsible for setting up utilities?
Tenants are responsible for making all arrangements for connection and disconnection of all utilities, unless your lease agreement includes Unif Management-billed back utilities.

Utilities should only be set up in the name of master tenants. Also, we recommend that when you call to set-up your account, you should say that you want to “start a new account”. Do not say anything to the utility company that could infer you as taking over the previous tenants’ account. For example don’t request to have the bill “put in your name”.

Here is the name and contact info for utilities:

Gas & Electricity

PG&E: (800) 743-5000

Trash (provider depends on address)

Sunset Scavenger: (415) 330-1300
Golden Gate Disposal: (415) 626-4000


SFPUC-Water Dept: (415) 551-3000

Cable TV/Internet/Home Phone

Comcast: (800) 934-6489
AT&T U-Verse: (800) 288-2020


US Postal Service: (800) 275-8777

How do I deal with the extra trash moving generates?
Moving typically generates a lot of trash & recycling. Please be mindful of the trash sorting and not overfilling the bins. If the Recology procedures are not followed (see tenant forms for PDF) or the bins are overfilled then the trash may not get picked up which makes things worse. Also learn what can be diverted to compost (i.e. pizza boxes). You have to pay for that bin so you might as well utilize it.