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Move-Out FAQs

Here are some common questions/issues regarding moving out.

What’s the procedure when I want to vacate the unit?
You are expected to fulfill the terms of your lease. If you vacate before the expiration of your lease term, your rent will continue until such time that the property can be re-rented. Upon proper notice by you we will make an effort to re-rent the unit,but you will be responsible for leasing and marketing costs. Rent payments may not ever be offset by your security deposit.

When you are ready to move-out you must provide us with a 30-Day Notice to Vacate. These documents are available to download as a PDF through the tenant forms tab above. This responsibility also applies for those whose lease or lease extension is ending. Per the terms of your lease, a 30-Day notice is always required.

What is the difference between a regular house cleaning and a move-out cleaning?
A move-out clean is much more thorough and longer than a typical house cleaning. All appliances need to be cleaned inside and out, all soap scum removed, inside and outside of all cabinets wiped down, etc. We strongly encourage you to consider hiring a professional service. Consider the following when hiring a move-out cleaner:

  • Arrange for the cleaning as soon as you know you are moving, so you have the most scheduling options, especially if you are moving at the end of the month which is when cleaners are busiest with other move-outs.
  • Expect for the cleaning to cost more than a regular house-cleaning due to the extra work involved. It can cost several hundred dollars, depending on the provider.
  • Schedule the appointment for when your unit will be empty but is still under the lease. You want the unit to be empty so the cleaner can do their job as thoroughly as possible.
  • Unif Management cannot and will not let your cleaner in to clean after the lease has expired. It is your responsibility to let them in and out before the lease expires.

What do I need to do after I give notice to vacate?

  1. Utilities – Please ensure that all your utilities are paid, and the accounts have been closed. Any water and trash bills that remain outstanding after vacating will result in a lien from the city, against the property and will be deducted from your security deposit and may result in collection action against you. Also please close your Phone/TV/Internet account(s). Make sure all utilities have your forwarding address for the final bill(s).
  2. Trash – There is always additional trash during a move-out. You are responsible for hauling of any unwanted items or trash. You may contact the disposal company to schedule a free bulky item pick-up or to have additional trash hauled away. More information is available at Trash should not be overflowing out of the cans. Please do not discard items in front of the building or anywhere on the street or the city will issue a citation. Any citations will be the responsibility of the vacating tenant. They can cost $1,000 and up. Please ensure that your trash is properly disposed of!
  3. Mail – Please change your address with the United States Postal service. This can be done online, 24/7 at We are not responsible for mail or parcel forwarding.
  4. Automatic Payments — Please make sure you disable any auto payments for rent in the online portal and with your bank.

I’ve moved out of the unit but one or more master roommates is staying. How do I get my portion of the deposit back?
Unfortunately, we do not return any portion of the security deposit to tenants until the unit is returned to us vacant and free of personal belongings. If you’re leaving, we strongly recommend you fill out the vacating roommate form available on this website here. Then you need to work it out among yourselves to be reimbursed by the remaining roommate(s).

I’ve given my notice to vacate when and in what form can I expect my security deposit to be returned?
California law requires that unused security deposit money is returned to you within 21 days of the last day of your lease. We write a check for the amount of the deposit minus any associated charges. As per your lease, one check is made payable to all residents on the lease. If you would like us to issue a check to one resident to act as executor of the deposit, all residents that are listed on the rental agreement must submit their request to our office, in writing, to have the deposit sent to one person to distribute accordingly.

The check will be mailed to the forwarding address provided.